Career Development

PBF is an organization that values and invests in its employees by offering extensive training and career development opportunities. PBF’s approach assures continuous learning that supports growth in technical, staff and management roles.

PBF’s comprehensive programs for professionals are designed to develop organizational, professional and technical skills. The trainings we offer are fun and informative learning opportunities that help to make PBF an Employer of Choice. These trainings include:
      •   Leadership Development
      •   Engineering Development
      •   Professional and Personal Development

Learning & Development Features


Exposure to company mission, vision, values, and refining principles

abilities training

Centralized training alongside colleagues from all PBF sites

teaching presentations

Introductory & advanced-level presentations by internal & external experts

logical thinking skills

Professional & organizational skills development

network dialogue

Dialogue with PBF resources company-wide


Specific job training by supervisors

These Programs Benefit the Employee by:

  • Ensuring you have the skills to be successful on the job.
  • Allowing you to meet and network with professionals from multiple sites
  • Providing continuing education to keep you current with advances in refining
  • Helping to prepare you for your career with PBF

Our team-based culture welcomes diverse perspectives, experience, and authenticity. We provide the foundation for continuous learning and growth.