Operating safely is the highest priority for everyone at PBF Energy. We focus on improving the reliability, security and safety of our operations through our commitment to a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and to rigorous employee training and development programs.


As an independent, merchant refiner with operating assets across the United States, PBF prioritizes stewardship of these important elements of our business and expands upon them through our continuing and evolving commitments. These include cleaner and next generation fuels, workplace safety, operating reliability, environmental stewardship, corporate governance, and maintaining alignment with our core businesses of refining raw materials and delivering products consumers want and need to maintain the high standards of modern living we all enjoy.

Our ESG Report is a snapshot in time, chronicling where we have come from and where we are going as a viable enterprise. Helping make modern life possible is a story we are proud to tell, which we hope you think is positive, too.

We work hard to balance social responsibility with providing a stable supply of fuels and products derived from hydrocarbons today so that we can move into a future in which tomorrow will be even better. Our team plans to safely, reliably, and responsibly fuel that future…thanks again for taking time to learn more about PBF Energy, our people, and our story.

Our ESG Report