Paul Davis

Paul Davis joined PBF Energy in April of 2012 and has been head of PBF’s commercial operations related to crude oil and refinery feedstock sourcing since May of 2013 and, from January 2015 to September of 2015, and served as our Co-Head of Commercial and Senior Vice President, Western Region Commercial Operations from October 2015 to August 2017. Mr. Davis now serves as President, Western Region. Mr. Davis has over 29 years of experience in commercial operations in crude oil and refined products, including 16 years with the ExxonMobil Corporation in various operational and commercial positions, including sourcing refinery feedstocks and crude oil and the disposition of refined petroleum products, as well as optimization roles within refineries. Previously, Mr. Davis was responsible for managing the U.S. clean products commercial operations for Hess Energy Trading Company. Prior to that, Mr. Davis was responsible for Premcor’s U.S. Midwest clean products disposition group.