Petroleum and Petroleum Based Products

Petroleum Refinery Processing & Petroleum Based Products


PBF sells a variety of finished petroleum based products including finished gasoline and gasoline blendstocks, heating oil, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, kerosene, and aviation jet fuel. In addition, our refineries produce lube oils, heavy fuel oils, liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, sulfur and petcoke. These products are marketed to customers in the United States and abroad through an extensive network of dealers and wholesalers – PBF does not have company owned, operated, or branded outlets.

The Delaware City and Paulsboro refineries - located in Delaware and New Jersey - distribute product via a variety of transportation methods including pipeline, water, truck and rail. Our Toledo refinery is connected to its distribution network via pipeline, truck and rail.

PBF acquires much of the crude and intermediate feedstocks for its refineries from supply partners.

PBF utilizes marine vessels, pipelines, trucks and rail to link its refineries with suppliers and customers. PBF fully cooperates with all United States Government Agencies, including the Departments of Customs, Immigration and Homeland Security.


  • PBF transports crude oil, intermediate feedstocks and finished products to and from refineries in Delaware City and Paulsboro via marine vessels
  • All PBF marine facilities and vessels are operated under the jurisdiction of the United States Coast Guard


  • PBF owns and operates the Delaware Pipeline Company LLC, connecting the Delaware City Refinery to the Sunoco Pipeline LP Twin Oaks Pump Station. More information about that pipeline can be found on this website under the tab "Pipeline"
  • PBF also transports crude oil, gasoline, diesel, No. 2 heating oil, aviation jet fuel and liquefied petroleum gas via various third party pipelines


  • PBF owns and operates a truck terminal,adjacent to its Delaware City refinery, offering gasoline, diesel, No. 2 heating oil and propane
  • PBF leases space in various terminals operated by third parties to offer products in locations convenient to our customers
  • If you are interested in locating a specific product, contact information is included in the Product Search section on this website
  • Customers at PBF Terminals are required to sign a Facility Access Agreement, and each carrier must sign a Carrier Access Agreement

Truck Deliveries

  • PBF utilizes independent trucking companies to transport certain liquefied petroleum gases, aromatics, sulfur and coke, as well as spent and fresh sulfuric acid


  • PBF transports a variety of petroleum based products by rail, including liquefied petroleum gases, lubricant base oils, aromatics, sulfur, residual fuels and coke
  • PBF receives crude oil and ethanol by rail
  • Depending upon business requirement, PBF maintains a fleet of railcars, or utilizes customer cars, to support rail deliveries
  • PBF maintains storage tracks at its facilities and leases off-site storage track, as needed, to support its rail fleet
  • PBF contracts with various railroads to transport railcars to and from customer locations

Delaware Pipeline Company
PBF owns and operates the Delaware Pipeline Company LLC (DPC), a pipeline connecting the Delaware City Refinery to the Sunoco Pipeline LP Twin Oaks Pump Station, in Delaware County PA.

  • The petroleum products pipeline carries various grades of gasoline and distillates fuels, all meeting the specifications of the connecting pipelines. Please refer to the product MSDS for additional information.
  • The 16" pipeline is an underground pipeline approximately 23.4 miles in length running north from Delaware City, DE.
  • DPC operates under the guidance and authority of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (DOT/PHMSA), the Delaware Public Service Commission and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.
  • DPC tariffs have been filed and approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and are available on the FERC website.
  • The pipeline is marked with pipeline markers and signs, however you should never assume the exact location of the pipe. DPC participates in the Utility Identification systems of Delaware (Miss Utility 1.800.282.8555 or 811) and Pennsylvania (One Call 1.800.242.1776). Call before you dig!
  • If you witness an emergency condition related to the pipeline, immediately call the emergency response number 1.855.887.9768. Further safety information is contained in the bilingual DPC Public Awareness brochure.

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