We strive to improve the lives of our neighbors, provide support for schools, the arts, and funding for social services in our communities.

We earn the right to work in your neighborhood by operating a safe and environmentally sound business. Our people are well trained and understand that anyone can shut down an operation if safety or damage to the environment is called into question. We utilize environmentally responsible technology and our goal is to continue to find cleaner and smarter ways to power the world. We are a part of our country’s solution to its growing energy needs.

At each of our refineries, we are members of the local Community Advisory Panel, (CAP). Community Advisory Panels improve dialogue between our refineries and the surrounding local communities and build industry credibility and foster community trust. CAPs are independent bodies supported by the facility. CAP members represent the fabric of each community and each member has made a commitment to meet with the management of the refinery on a regular basis to discuss issues of mutual interest. It is a forum for open and honest dialogue between citizens and plant management.

PBF and our employees give back to the community in many ways, from fundraisers to dedicating their time and energy to several charitable organizations, and volunteering in the communities where we operate.

PBF and its affiliates are proud to support organizations that work to strengthen our communities and look for projects and initiatives that keep them healthy, diverse, and vibrant and also promote well-being.